общей и клинической психологии


Terms of admission documents

Entrance examinations are held from June 27 to July 5. Enrollment in the number of graduates in the training budget to 12 July, paid — to 17 July.

Entrance examinations for the specialty disciplines held July 8. If arriving among the magistracy, there are people who need to take an additional exam dates of entrance examinations following: additional examination — July 8 examination in the specialty disciplines — 10 July.

About magistracy

Practice-oriented magistracy’s degree in «Psychological counseling and psycho-correction» was created on the initiative of the Humanities Faculty of Belorussian State University in 2012. This is the first and the only one in the Republic of Belarus the higher education masters program in counseling and therapy. Set graduate students to this specialty is open from 2012.

Master should own psychological knowledge, giving a deep understanding of the fact that there are people in all of life, social and mental manifestations of how to construct his mind, how it functions, how the mutual influence of the social environment on the psyche and vice versa; as well as fluent in a wide range of psychological methods and techniques of working with the client, with the aim of flexible changes to improve his state of mind for the social well-being.

In contrast to the specialist, received basic psychological education differ in their scientific and professional character, master of psychology, trained in «Psychological counseling and therapy,» it has a fairly narrow, but at the same time complex (academic, research and practical) training. It has research competence in the field of psychological counseling and therapy, objectified in his master’s thesis. These competencies are the basis for his work as a graduate student and a research psychologist. In addition, a graduate of the master’s program offers practical competences (counseling, psycho-correction, mediation) in the field of counseling, allowing him to work as a psychologist-consultant.

Qualifications Master of psychology meets international standards and is understandable to employers abroad.

This magistracy is mainly focused on the practical training of master of psychology. During her training, you will be able to study such subjects as «mediation», «Theory and practice of psychological counseling», «Crisis Psychology», «addictology: psychology and psychotherapy dependencies», «Clinical Psychology», «The practice of Gestalt therapy», «Short-term methods of psychotherapy in the advisory practice «,» Counselling in sexology «and many others.

As you can see, the program of study is very diverse and rich, especially when you consider the fact that these disciplines will read highly qualified specialists not only theoretical, but more practice. This certified specialists in the field of psychology, palliative medicine, Gestalt therapy, Erickson hypnosis, systemic family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, onkopsihologii, EMDR, and others.

The program is designed for one year of study with the assignment of a scientific degree of master of psychology.

Employment after the magistracy

Graduates of the magistracy may exercise its activities in:

  • psychological and psychotherapeutic services;
  • social services and psycho-correction centers;
  • employment agencies;
  • consulting and marketing enterprises;
  • banks;
  • health care and sport;
  • industrial plants;
  • law enforcement;
  • Service Emergency;
  • military organizations;
  • migration services;
  • bodies of state and municipal government;
  • security structures: tax, judicial, police authorities;
  • manufacturing facilities;
  • commercial firms;
  • scientific departments;
  • social organizations.

List of admission tests

On admission а single entrance examination that includes questions on general psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, psychological counseling and medical psychology.