Кафедра теории и
практики перевода

Department of Translation Theory

The Department of Translation Theory and Practice was established in 1999. Since 2014 the Head of the Department has been Polovtsev Denis Olegovich, Associate Professor, PhD (Philology).

For over 16 years the Department of Translation Theory and Practice has been providing Modern Foreign Languages (translation) specialty training at the first stage of higher education and Germanic Languages specialty training at the second stage of higher education (Master’s degree).

A specialist received specialty training will be fluent in foreign languages (English, German); can do a translation of necessary materials; will possess the skills of preparation of the necessary documents in a foreign language, as well as the skills of organizing and conducting business negotiations with foreign partners and making out relevant documentation; will be able to participate as an interpreter at the exhibitions, conferences, symposia and other events involving foreign partners; will conduct training in a foreign language.

The students of the specialty are actively involved in participation in the life of the faculty and the university; within the framework of extracurricular translation practice they assist in organizing and conducting international scientific, cultural and sports events, performing the function of translators and interpreters; they are also engaged in research work under the supervision of the experienced lecturers of the Department.

The lecturers and the students of the specialty are actively engaged in the activities held by the Litera Student Club and a volunteer movement group.

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