Department of
Human Ecology

Department of Human Ecology

The establishment of Department of Human Ecology dates back to 1969,  when Department of Civil Defence, headed by I.A.Insarov (1903-1983), Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, was founded in BSU. Back then the department provided training of nurses certified for civil defense. Later the Department, which was for a long time headed by L.A. Frolov,  Associate Professor, changed its name to  Department of Medical Training.

In 2000, the Department was renamed as Department of Public Health and  Healthcare and  headed by G.M. Batsian, Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Science, and joined Faculty of Fundamental and Alternative Medicine. The Department trained students in «Fundamentals of Medicine» and focused on paramedical care in emergencies, health-related information, a healthy lifestyle, prevention of infectious diseases, including AIDS, etc.

At the time  Faculty of Fundamental and Alternative Medicine also included  Department of Biomedical Technologies, renamed as  Department of Developmental and Medical Biology, headed by V.I.Dunai, Associate Professor, Candidate of Biological Sciences.

In July 2005 it joined  Faculty of Liberal Education and on 19th of October, 2005 was renamed as  Department of Psychophysiology. In 2008  Department of Psychophysiology and University Department of Public health and Healthcare merged and were reorganized into  Department of Human Ecology of  Faculty Of Liberal Education (Faculty of Social and Cultural Communications since 2015).  The academic staff of the Department focused on the following: «Social and psychological features of modern teenagers and their reproductive concepts as factors that influence demographic situation in Belarus», «Research, methodology and recommendations for students living in the dormitory to increase the ability to handle stress», «Grounds for tobacco smoking among students», «Coping as part of teaching and learning processes».

I.V. Pantiuk, Associate Professor, Candidate of biological Science has been Head of the Department of Human Ecology since 2015. The courses taught include: Human Health and Safety; Fundamentals of Medicine; Ergonomics; Integrated Philosophy; Fundamentals of Psychology and Pedagogics; Labour Protection; Field Surgery and Therapy; Fundamentals of Ecology and Energy Saving; Methods and Technologies of Social Work; Theoretical Fundamentals of Social Work; Ethics of Social Work. The Department provides teaching of «Human health and safety» for all specialties of  Faculty of Social and Cultural Communications as well as the following BSU faculties: Faculty of Law, Institute of Journalism, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of History, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science, Faculty of International Relations.

Highly-qualified academic staff including 6 Associate Professors, Candidates of Science,     2 Assistant Professors, 2 lecturers and 4 research assistants provide for an effective educational process.

The staff take part in national and international conferences on pressing issues of ecology, medicine, physiology and psychology.

Department of Human Ecology has the Following Areas of Scientific and Technological Focus:

  1. Healthy lifestyle issues among students.
  2. Medical, biological, social and ecological aspects to build up health among young people.
  3. Personnel training for tourist and recreational activities.

Address: Minsk
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