Department of the
German language

About the Department of the German Language

Head of the Department of the German Language – Elena A. Prygodich, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor.

Deputy Head for Academic Affairs – Alexandrina V. Zelenovskaya, Senior Lecturer.

Deputy Head for Scientific-research Work – Oksana E. Suprinovich, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences.

Deputy Head for Student Scientific-research Work – Svetlana A. Trofimenko, Senior Lecturer.

Deputy Head for Ideological and Educational Work – Inna N. Kozeletskaya, Senior Lecturer.

Deputy Head for Quality Management System – Anastasiya N. Vorobyova, Senior Lecturer.

Responsible for the Department’s webpage – Elena G. Fomenok, Senior Lecturer.

Responsible for the Department’s Electronic Library – Inna E. Kovalyova, Senior Lecturer.

Responsible for the Occupational Health & Safety at the Department – Valentin P. Buko, Senior Lecturer.

Union Organizer at the Department – Olga P. Shaban, Senior Lecturer.

The Department of the German language was established in 1963.

Nowadays the staff of the department consists of 3 associate professors, 11 senior lecturers.

Thanks to business contacts with Ruhr University (Bochum) the majority of the staff have increased their language and professional competence in Germany.

Since 1998 the department has been training students for getting inclusive education at different German universities. Over these years more than 300 students from different faculties have studied at universities of Berlin, Jena, Bochum, Magdeburg. The department is in close cooperation with Goethe Institute in Minsk and its representatives work at the department.

During the existence of the department 13 lectures have obtained Doctorate degree in Philology, Education, Pedagogy.

The department teaches German at the following faculties and institutes: the Faculty of Social and Cultural Communication, the Faculty of Physics, the Faculty of Biology, the Faculty of Geography, the Faculty of Chemistry, the Law Faculty, the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, the Faculty of History, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies, the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, the Institute of Journalism and the State Institute of Management and Social Technologies. The German language is also taught to the students who are recommended for inclusive education at German universities, and also to postgraduates and Master’s course students.

The work of the department is based on the following fundamental principles communicative education and creation of linguistic and cultural contexts, which allow taking into account natural communicative needs of students, acquaint them with the culture, moral values, lifestyle and traditions of the German speaking countries.

The research work of the department is “Cross-cultural sensitization in German language teaching”. It refers to the new tendency in the methods of foreign languages teaching which is called social and cultural approach. It involves the study of a foreign language within the social and cultural context of its functioning.

Address: Minsk, 5 Kurchatov Street, room 711.

tel.: +375 17 2095341