Department of
General and Clinical psychology

Department of General and Clinical Psychology

Department of General and Clinical Psychology was founded in September 2001 (Department of Medical and Social work and Medical Psychology back then). In 2005 the Department changed its name to Department of General and Clinical Psychology.

The Department has been part of  Faculty of Liberal Education (Faculty of Social and Cultural Communications now) which it joined in 2004, the year the Faculty was established.

Since that moment Vladimir Domoratskiy, Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, has been Head of the Department.

At present the Department trains students in «Social Work» only, while in the period of 2005-2012 specialists were trained also in «Psychology». The courses taught include: Theoretical Fundamentals of Social Work, Pedagogical Fundamentals of Social Work, Fundamentals of Project Management, Perceptual Psychology of Visual Information, Sexology, Fundamentals  of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Social Medicine, Clinical Psychology, Psychology of Addictive Behavior, Addictology: Psychology and Psychotherapy for Addictions, Psychological Foundation of Social Work (Developmental Psychology), Psychological Foundation of Social Work (Social Psychology), Methods of Psychological Help to Children and Teenagers, Introduction to Specialty, Fundraising, Rehabilitology, Organizational Psychology, Crisis Psychology, Addictive Behavior Psychology, Psychology of Risk and Risk Management, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Logical Framework Approach to Project Management.

Moreover, in 2012 the Department launched «Counseling and Psychocorrection» practice-oriented Master’s programme, the graduates of which are awarded Master of Psychology degree.

In the period of 2010-2015 the Department carried out research work in «The development of integrated stress level assessment system, psychological adjustment and social integration and behavioral competences within different professional groups».

At the moment research work in «Leadership Skills and «The Top Five» of human personality features among «human-human» profession members»  is being carried out.

The department supervises the «Phoenix» personal development club.

Address: Minsk
Kurchatova str, 5-718
tel.: +375 17 209 58 73