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Department of Design

Set up in 2004 in BSU the Department of Design aimed at establishing a new education process model based on present-day development of academic  and theoretical knowledge with regard to current trends of integrated European educational system  to train highly-qualified designers of a new breed.

Our school of design is comprehensively guided by its original operational model concept to train top-qualification designers.

The Department provides fundamental training for design students aimed at further mastering of project-oriented approach, development of project-oriented and creative thinking reasoning with its problematic situations theoretical analysis and their semantic synthesis, development of theoretic project-oriented methods and their artistic and graphic presentation in esthetically demanding design product.

Our formula for success is the ability of our graduates to professionally combine the principles of academic, technological and artistic creative work, which let them adapt to complex circumstances of labour market competition on their own and work in any areas of design. These principles endue them with flexibility, the ability to generate ideas and look for innovation in project activity.

A lot of Belarusians as well as Europeans find the following to be the key notions – «state» as quality assurance, «cultural and social» as diversity of outlook, «design» as creativity of mind. The graduates of the Department are proud of these notions as they help those who intend to continue their training and then work in Europe.

The duration of training with Communicative Design, qualification «Designer» as the area of focus, is 5 years.

Specialty courses of the Department:

  • Computer-Aided Technologies
  • Still
  • 3d-Modeling and 3d-Animation
  • Motion Design
  • Animated Design
  • Design Projection
  • Graphic Interface Design
  • User Interaction Design
  • Display Area Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Design Theory and Methodology
  • Advertising Theory and Practice
  • History of Design
  • Fundamentals of Art Direction
  • Advertising Psychology

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