Department of
Cultural Studies

Department of Cultural Studies

Head of the Department of Cultural Studies — Irina Y. Matsevich-Dukhan, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences.

Deputy Head of the Department for Academic Affairs — Tatsiana S. Suprankova, Senior Lecturer.

Deputy Head for Students’ Scientific Research — Elena K. Selchenok, Senior Lecturer.

The Department of Cultural Studies was founded in 1999. Since its foundation, Galina Sinilo (Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences in Philology) was the head and spiritual leader of the Department. From June, 2015 to April, 2021 the Department was headed by Elina Usovskaya (Associate Professor, Candidate of Cultural Stuides). From May, 2021 to January, 2022 – by Maryna Shoda (Candidate of Sciences in Philology). Tatsiana Rabets (Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences in Philology) was the head of the Department from April, 2022 to April, 2023. Curent head of the Department is Irina Matsevich-Dukhan (Associate Professor, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences).

Department of Cultural Studies offers training in the following specialties:

  • Bachelor’s degree programme: “Cultural Studies (applied)” and “Socio-cultural Management and Communications”;
  • Master’s degree programme: “Cultural Studies” (specializations: “Cultural industries” and “Creative industries”);
  • Postgarduate study: “Theory and History of Culture”.

Academic Staff:

  • Professors: Svetlana Snapkovskaya (Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences); Galina Sinilo (Candidate of Sciences in Philology);
  • Associate Professors: Elina Usovskaya (Candidate of Cultural Studies); Alexander Kasperuk (Candidate of Cultural Studies); Tatyana Rabets (Candidate of Sciences in Philology); Ivan Yanushevich (Candidate of Sciences in History); Natalya V. Malaya (Candidate of Sciences in Philosophy);
  • Senior Lecturers: Tatsiana Suprankova; Elena Borisevich; Elena Selchenok; Ekaterina Naimushina.
  • Lecturers: Yana Makovskaya.
  • Specialists: Alice Fursevich, Ekaterina Naimushina, Oksana Pavlova.

Address: Minsk, 5 Kurchatov Street, Room 401a

tel.: +375 17 209 58 92