Department of
Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

The function and influence of the computer is pervasive in contemporary society. Today computers process daily international banks transactions, the data from communications satellites, the images in video games, and even household device management. Computer software is as commonplace in education and recreation as it is in science and business. There is virtually no field or profession that does not rely upon computer science for the problem-solving skills and the production expertise required in the efficient processing of information. Computer scientists, therefore, function in a wide variety of roles, ranging from pure theory and design to programming and marketing.

Department of Computer Science was founded in October, 2005 as a part of the Humanities Faculty of the Belarusian State University. The objectives of the department were to train students in the specialty “Informatics” including “Web Design” and “Computer Graphics”. In 2010, the department was reorganized and specialty was renamed into “Applied Informatics”, with specializations «Web-programming and computer design”. Since 2012, Associate Professor, PhD Vladimir A. Nifagin, is the head of the Department of Computer Science. He is the author of the monograph, over 70 scientific and methodical publications on nonlinear mechanics, fracture mechanics, computer science, mathematical and computer modeling.  Also he is a participant of the international scientific conferences.

The computer science curriculum at the Computer Science Department places equal emphasis on theoretical computer science and mathematics and on experimental computer technology. A broad range of upper-level courses is available in such areas as computational complexity and the analysis of algorithms, combinatorial methods, computer architecture, web-design, computer communications, databases, mathematical models for computation, optimization, and software systems.

The department has well-equipped lab areas for research in computer graphics, web-design, databases and digital libraries, distributed systems, mobile and wearable computing, networking, operating systems, programming systems, user interfaces, and real-time multimedia.

The department’s computers are connected via a switched 1.5 Mb/s Ethernet network, which has direct connectivity to the campus Internet and Internet2 gateways. The campus has wireless LAN coverage. The research facility is supported by a full-time staff of professional system administrators and programmers.

The department conducts research on development environments modeling techniques with complex archeology and processing algorithms, actively develops e-learning techniques.

Education is provided by 1 professor, 7 associate professors, 11 senior lecturers. Members of the department take part in international and national conferences in various computer science areas. Students successfully do research in a scientific laboratory at the department. The department has prepared more than 150 specialists with higher education, who successfully work in the computer science field at the leading republic enterprises.

Scientific research

The scientific research and development of the Department of Computer Science is fully consistent with the priority directions of scientific and technical activity of the Republic of Belarus in the computer science field and the following areas associated with it:

  • methods of mathematical and computer nonlinear effects modeling in composite materials, management and optimization of complex systems and processes;
  • computer technology and intellectual online education system;
  • information resources and services, interactive electronic services, information-analytical and reference system, software and hardware of distance learning.

In recent years teachers of the department have published more than 70 scientific publications, have made 52 presentations at international and national scientific conferences, have established 15 educational complexes.

Address: Minsk
Kurchatova str, 5-407
tel.: +375 17 209-58-94